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hudba Hannah Montany ( Miley Cyrus)

3. 12. 2008

Hannah Montana Music

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Hannah Montana - Best of Both Worlds Album

Download Best of Both Worlds - Lyrics - Video

Download Who Said - Lyrics - Video

Download East Northumberland High - Lyrics - Video

Download Just Like You - Lyrics - Video

Download Pumpin’ Up The Party - Lyrics - Video

Download If We Were A Movie - Lyrics - Video

Download I Got Nerve - Lyrics - Video

Download The Other Side Of Me - Lyrics - Video

Download This Is The Life - Lyrics - Video

Download Pop Princess - Lyrics - Video

Download Nobody’s Perfect - Lyrics - Video

Download Girl’s Night Out - Lyrics - Video

Download Start All Over - Lyrics - Video

Download Rock Star - Lyrics - Video

Download See You Again - Lyrics - Video

The above is the track list from the Hannah Montana’s first released albumn, under the Walt Disney label. It was first released on October 24, 2006 and hit the Number 1 charts for the week. The album covers the Hannah Montana soundtrack in which the cute and lively actress Miley Cyrus stars as Hannah Montana, a famous and popular teen pop/ rock singer.

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Critics have often said that the songs are very well written, making reference especially to the “If We Were A Movie” soundtrack, in which the following verses come to my mind:”If we were a movie,
You’d be the right guy,
And I’d be the best friend that you’d fall in love with with in the end”In my opinion, the above lyrics summarise very well what might happen in a movie. Some of her other songs sucha as “I Got Nerve” and “G.N.O” fit very perfectly with every day life. This has made her very popular with the teen generation!! Woo - oh and my favorite song, “Who Said” =D.




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(karolina, 9. 8. 2009 16:49)

sorry ze je to po svedcine ta hudba


(adminka, 3. 12. 2008 20:41)

sorry že je to po anglicky :DD